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About Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s 6,000+ engineers are building the world's most trusted information network for financial professionals. We are strongly committed to JavaScript & TypeScript, with over 10,000 front-end apps and one of the largest JS/TS codebases in the world (tens of millions of lines).

Bloomberg engineers contribute to the JavaScript ecosystem, including projects like TypeScript, Node, and Babel. A recent highlight was Bloomberg engineers implementing Private Fields in TypeScript 3.8. Bloomberg co-chairs TC39, the ECMA Technical Committee that defines the JavaScript language, and has delegates contributing to major new language features such as Temporal (a replacement for Date) and Record & Tuple (immutable data-structures).

What's Your Favorite Thing About TypeScript

Before TypeScript took over the world and emerged as the default choice, we considered other languages and approaches for improving code correctness and developer experience. The reason we felt confident going all-in with TypeScript was the way it complemented JavaScript. TypeScript is a layer of erasable types on top of standard JavaScript syntax and behavior. More simply, TypeScript is JavaScript + Types.

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