Meet the Speakers

Our presenters range from a myriad of backgrounds — from independent developers, to engineers of large startups, to the TypeScript team themselves. Come prepared to be inspired by peers and see what's next for the community.

Anders Hejlsberg

Keynote Speaker

Anders Hejlsberg is a Microsoft Technical Fellow and the lead architect of the TypeScript open-source project. Anders has worked on development tools for over 35 years and is the original designer of C#, Delphi, and Turbo Pascal.

  • Ryan Dahl

    Ryan Dahl

    "Deno is a New Way to JavaScript"

    Ryan was born in San Diego. He studied mathematics at UCSD and University of Rochester before pursuing software professionally. He is best known for creating Node.js. He has worked various domains of software engineering - from server software to computer vision research. He currently lives in Brooklyn.

  • Kit Kelly

    Kitson Kelly

    "Deno is a New Way to JavaScript"

    Kitson (Kit) has been in technology for over 24 years. Currently he is a Principal Technologist at ThoughtWorks, where during the day he advises enterprises on technical strategy and digital transformation. He started heavily using TypeScript in 2015 and became project lead for an open source front-end framework built on TypeScript. Currently he is a major contributor in his spare time to Deno, a secure runtime for JavaScript/TypeScript.

  • Kit Kelly

    Josh Goldberg

    "Binary Arithmetic in TypeScript's Type System"

    Josh is a senior frontend developer at Codecademy, where he focuses on the core learning platform, accessibility, and web infrastructure. He's also an overly enthusiastic open source and TypeScript aficionado and works on TypeScript static analysis tools on the side.

    Josh is from upstate New York and now lives in Brooklyn, but greatly misses his time spent living in Seattle.

  • Lauren Tan

    Lauren Tan

    "Just Use Any - How to Win Colleagues and Influence Your Boss"

    Lauren’s superpower is connecting the dots. She’s currently a polyglot Engineering Manager at Netflix, where she leads the Studio UI Foundations team. Although formally educated in Finance, she’s been involved in the intersections of technology, design and business for more than a decade. Public speaking used to be her greatest fear. Ask her what her greatest fear is now if you see her in person!

  • Dan Vanderkam

    Dan Vanderkam

    "Testing Types: An Introduction to dtslint"

    Dan Vanderkam is a Principal Software Engineer at Sidewalk Labs. He previously worked on open source genome visualizations at Mt. Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine and on Google search features used by billions of people (search for "sunset nyc" or "population of france"). He has a long history of building open source projects and is a cofounder of the TypeScript NYC meetup. When he's not programming, Dan enjoys climbing rocks and playing bridge. He writes on Medium and at He earned his bachelors in Computer Science from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Rob Hague

    Rob Hague

    "TypeScript at the Cutting Edge"

    Rob Hague is the CTO of Cydar Medical, a UK startup using computer vision and cloud computing to provide advanced surgical guidance. He’s worked in both research and product development, ranging from user interfaces and ubiquitous computing to low- level application infrastructure and algorithm implementation.

  • Fernanda Andrade

    Fernanda Andrade

    "Don’t Break the Contract: Keep Consistency with Full Stack Type Safety"

    Fernanda Andrade is team lead and consultant at Stack Builders. She has been working in the software development industry for over seven years and has built software for a range of industries across the globe. Fernanda is a frequent speaker at conferences and technology events. She is also a co-organizer of Quito Lamda, a meetup focused on functional programming. When she's not writing code or talking about software quality, she's probably looking for more books.

  • Tom Ball

    Tom Ball

    "MakeCode Arcade with Static TypeScript"

    Thomas (Tom) Ball is a Partner Researcher at Microsoft Research. In 1999, He initiated the influential SLAM software model-checking project with Sriram Rajamani, which led to the creation of the Static Driver Verifier tool for finding defects in Windows device drivers. Tom is a 2011 ACM Fellow for ‘contributions to software analysis and defect detection’. As a manager, he nurtured research areas such as automated theorem proving, program testing/verification and empirical software engineering. His current focus is the Microsoft MakeCode platform for programming with physical computers (

  • Holly Mitchell

    Holly Mitchell

    "MakeCode Arcade with Static TypeScript"

    Holly is a software engineer at Microsoft who uses TypeScript for developing web clients and browser extensions. She worked on the MakeCode Arcade Game "Planet Putt Putt", and her favorite kinds of games are visual storytelling games like "Journey" and RPG Maker horror games like "Ib".

  • Daniel Rosenwasser

    Daniel Rosenwasser

    "TalkScript with the TypeScript Team"

    Daniel is the program manager on the TypeScript language at Microsoft. He has spent about half his time on the team as both an engineer and as a program manager, and has had a long-standing passion for programming languages, type systems, and compilers.

  • Ryan Cavanaugh

    Ryan Cavanaugh

    "TalkScript with the TypeScript Team"

    Ryan has been working on TypeScript since its first public release, and recently became the engineering lead for the compiler.